Connected Fueling

Mobile payment directly at the petrol pump – your digital payment service for your customers

Enable your customers to pay digitally directly at the pump

Long lines in front of the cash register, especially at peak times? With PACE Connected Fueling, this will soon be over.

Your customers pay quickly and conveniently at their car using their smartphone or even via their car's user interface (HMI).

Pay with your smartphone or directly in the car console (HMI)

Smartphone integration

As one of our microservices, the payment function can be integrated into your own smartphone app or via solutions developed by PACE.

PACE Car apps

Third-party supplier

Your own solution

Application directly in the vehicle

The functionality can also be integrated into the user interface of a vehicle (HMI).

This is how the application could look in the car.

Location-based functionality thanks to GPS; NFC is not needed

As soon as your customer arrives at your gas station, the app informs them that they can pay digitally here.

The entire process is then carried out via the app. Going to the register is not necessary.

Reach a broad user base with PACE

When integrated into the PACE system, users are informed that they can pay at your gas station using the PACE app. Your offers can also be placed directly in the app.

The exact design of your digital appearance can be adapted to your needs.

The PACE payment function started as a pilot project at the Startup Autobahn.

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