PACE as a Partner

With our technology and expertise, we help you reach your project goals

What sets us apart

One single source

Since we develop all technologies ourselves, ideas can be implemented quickly and cost-effectively.


We not only offer a technology, but also work with you to develop a solution that meets all future requirements.


As an independent technology partner, we integrate not only our own solutions but also any kind of third-party hardware.


PACE supports all brands and manufacturers. The range of functions can therefore be expanded as required.


For us, the customer comes first. The development is customer-focused – always with one ear on the road.

An eye on the goal

We are constantly developing new value-added services, thus creating the basis for new sales potential for our partners.

There is a strong team behind PACE

PACE is not only an award-winning, cloud-based telematics solution, but above all a team of experts who are not only familiar with mobility, connected cars, big data and the Internet of Things.

Based on our technical expertise, our goal is to work with you to develop and implement the best solution that suits your needs and your customers.

Data security is of central importance to us


Data protection is a key element. PACE therefore supports data protection and data security at the highest level by design and is well-prepared for current and future requirements.


State-of-the-art encryption and intelligent certification mechanisms guarantee secure communication between the PACE Cloud, the user interfaces, the partner accesses, and the data sources.

Data center

PACE hosts its data on its own servers in highly secure data centers on German soil. For example, personal and movement data are stored separately.

An overview of the PACE ecosystem

Through the interaction of different technologies, we can offer a variety of services related to the connected car.

PACE Cloud

Our telematics and IoT platform is based on numerous microservices. Whether you want to use our streaming services or want direct integration, we have the right solution.


Our communication center between applications and the cloud prepares data and ensures that it is available synchronously on all end devices.

PACE Emergency Center

Our automatic emergency call (so-called eCall), our breakdown call (so-called bCall) and other partner services based on geo-positions are centrally controlled here.

PACE Dealer Dashboard

Get in touch with your customers digitally via our aftermarket service portal, designed for car repair shops and car dealers. Inspire them with a quick remote diagnosis or information about special offers.

Mobile apps

Information can be called up at any time with a smartphone. To make data management quick and easy, we develop natively for Android and iOS operating systems.

PACE Cockpit

Our customers can access their data at any time in the browser via our web application. Of course, you can also edit data here comfortably and safely.

Our solutions? Excellent!

Realize your plans with us

We are your partner for all questions regarding mobility, digitalization and effective data use.

We are happy to help you put together exactly the solution that will drive you and your customers forward.