Customer Retention 4.0

New service models // Added value for your customers // Maximize the customer-lifetime value (CLV) // Award-winning usability and user experience

Remote Diagnosis of Vehicles

OBD2 trouble codes (DTC) // Always know what is wrong with a car // Editorial database // Everything within the cloud // Query of all data and commands possible with authorization (Direct Mode), e.g. service codes, deep diagnostics, etc.

More Efficient Marketing

Relevant communication through insights // High conversion rates // 1:1 communication // Approach customers directly on their smartphones // Customizable information and action buttons

Predictive / Proactive Maintenance

Read out more than 100,000 trouble codes // Big data analysis

Vehicle Safety

Avoiding recalls // Updating and flashing software remotely // Firmware updates over the air (FOTA) // Directly approach drivers via their smartphone

Active Workshop Management

1:1 communication on the smartphone // Your customers' mileages and trouble codes in real time // Cushion workload peaks (e.g. tire changing season) // Fill idle times // Control warehouse sales // Performance-oriented offers

Accident Manage

Managing the first call after an accident or breakdown // Control of repair costs // Connection of your authorized workshops // Workshop management

Automatic Emergency Call and Breakdown Call

eCall and bCall // Accident severity class recognition (MAIS) // Driver recognition // Management via Emergency Center platform // Easy connection to your emergency call center and assistance

Location-Based Services / Events

Point-of-Interest Information and Events // Global geo services // Controlled by triggers

Telematic Tariffs

Pay-as-You-Drive (PAYD) // Pay-how-You-Drive (PHYD) // Driving behavior scoring // Transferring mileages // Tariffing // Workshop management

Driving Safety

Safety Index // Speed limits // Gamification // Road hazard warnings

Carbon Footprint & Compliance

Reduction of fleet's CO2 emission // Eco Score // Incentives for sustainable driving // Wear reduction of the fleet

Automatic Logbook

For business and company cars // Compliant with German tax authorities // Net salary conversion // Works council friendly // Easy to manage // App and web interfaces

Comprehensive Vehicle Data

Manufacturer independant // RPM // Speed // Acceleration // Lateral acceleration // Engine oil temperature // Coolant temperature // Current gear // On-board and battery voltage // Fuel consumption // Engine load // Turbo pressure // Trip duration // External temperature // Fuel level // Mileage // VIN // GPS …

Big-data analysis

Powertrain development // Mobility analyses for electromobility // Trouble codes (DTC) // Feedback from real operations // The road becomes a test bench // Predictive maintenance // Driving and usage profiles // Recommendations for charging stations

Revolutionize the Market with PACE

With our focus on the best user experience for end users and a technologically highly flexible telematics platform, PACE is the perfect partner for disruptive B2B and B2C business models in many industries.

Connected cars powered by PACE are already moving on roads throughout Europe and worldwide.

With the PACE Ecosystem, your customized solution can be realized in the shortest possible time. Take off on the basis of our enormous know-how, a huge data pool and configurable solutions for your industry (customizing/cobranding).

  • Car manufacturers (OEMs)
  • Distribution companies / import companies (NSCs)
  • Car dealers
  • Automotive workshops and workshop chains
  • Open aftermarket (IAM)
  • Spare-part wholesale & distribution
  • Automotive supplier (Tier1 to x)
  • Insurance companies
  • Assistances
  • Automobile clubs
  • Vehicle fleets
  • Company fleets
  • Car sharing
  • Telecommunications companies
  • Energy providers
> 17,000,000,000

data points in the PACE Cloud

+ 35,000,000

new data records daily

Icon cloud and plattform

Cloud & Platform

The PACE Cloud Is the Heart of PACE

The PACE Cloud is a powerful, flexible and secure IoT platform for the connected car, everything to do with mobility and many other use cases. Based on the PACE Cloud, you can implement your solution as you wish.

Cloud animation fallback en

Apps & User Interfaces

The PACE Cloud is Maximally Flexible – in Many Respects

We connect to your customers according to your wishes via apps & user interfaces on the smartphone, in the web browser or in the vehicle display (HMI), which are fed from the PACE Cloud.

As a partner, you can directly access our API interfaces. We can alternatively provide you with browser applications tailored to your needs.

In addition, any sensors can be integrated into the PACE Cloud as data suppliers.

The PACE Ecosystem consists of many microservices and thus forms a modular composition of various applications and functions. You can customize your own system and thus implement exactly the solution that suits you best.

Icon apps and interfaces

Apps & User Interfaces for Your Customers

Smartphone apps (iOS and Android), browser applications and vehicle displays (HMI) are the home of your end users.

Smartphone apps based on PACEKit technology bring your end users many features before, during, and after a trip. This turns their cars into smart cars and thus makes driving safer, cheaper, and more comfortable. An example is our own PACE Car app, which is also based on the PACEKit.

The constant growth of the range of features ensures that apps based on PACE technology always offer added value and remain exciting. All apps are developed natively for iOS and Android. This guarantees maximal usability and first-class user experience through high technical flexibility on the smartphone.

Apps ui mockup

If your end users surf at home with an internet browser, they have access to their account through browser applications such as the PACE Cockpit in order to conveniently view and manage their data. Of course, we can also integrate such solutions into the vehicle display (HMI) for your end users.

All smartphone apps and browser applications are constantly synchronized and are therefore always up-to-date. Like this, your users always have their car with them on their phone and also quickly within reach when using their computer or laptop.

Icon partner connection

Your Connection to PACE

Realize disruptive business models by connecting to PACE and offer innovative services to your own customers or the PACE Community.

Section service

You can connect to PACE via our APIs or our browser dashboards. Using an API connection, you can integrate PACE functionalities and data directly into your own existing software systems. And as nowadays, integration is often everything, the PACE Cloud can be connected via REST APIs, Trigger APIs and Streaming APIs.

Alternatively, you can use the browser applications developed by PACE to integrate our solutions quickly and easily into your processes and workflows – the choice is yours.

Dealer dashboard devices workshop
An example of our browser applications is the PACE Dealer Dashboard for garages and car dealers.
Icon datasources and sensors

Data Sources & Sensors

To provide cars with connectivity, data streams from multiple data sources and sensors can be uploaded into the PACE Cloud

Section datasources

This data input can be flexibly configured – depending on what you need for your application today or in the future.

OBD retrofit adapters, vehicle control units, partner backends, pure app applications, and many other transmitters connected to mobile assets can be included as data sources and sensors into the PACE Cloud.

  • Source pace link one

    PACE Link One
    (Bluetooth LE)

  • Source pace link pro

    PACE Link Pro
    (Bluetooth LE + SIM)

  • Source pace hub

    PACE Hub
    (Connectivity Hub)

The PACE Link One is a retrofit OBD2 adapter that connects to the smartphone via Bluetooth LE (4.1). This allows high data volumes to be transferred and real-time data from the vehicle to smartphone apps to be displayed – all of it with only the costs of a pure app solution. Combining extremely high compatibility (over 100,000 vehicle models) with attractive design, the PACE Link One is one of the smallest and safest adapters worldwide.

In addition to the Bluetooth LE (4.1) connection, the PACE Link Pro also establishes a mobile data connection via the built-in SIM card. This makes it ideal for usages with frequent driver changes (car sharing, car pools, etc.).

The PACE Hub has numerous interfaces which allow a direct connection to the Can-Bus among others. It is connected directly to the vehicle's power supply with the lowest possible energy consumption. The PACE Hub has a number of digital and analogue interfaces. On request, it can be equipped with connectivity (e.g. GSM, LTE, etc.) and can also act as a Bluetooth master. This allows all BTLE (Bluetooth Low Energy 4.1) capable components in the vehicle to be connected, read out and controlled.

  • Source dongle

    OBD2 Bluetooth adapter

  • Source permanent installation

    OBD2 SIM card adapter

  • Source etc


PACE can also easily be used with external hardware, such as OBD adapters, 12V connectors, fixed-mounted boxes, telematics boxes, or other retrofit solutions. Your desired hardware will be integrated into the PACE Cloud and the embedded mobile SDK PACEKit.

  • Source oem control unit

    OEM controller

  • Source manufacturers display

    Output via manufacturer display

  • Source etc


In order to connect production vehicles with the cloud, PACE software is integrated into vehicle control units. This integration is made possible by connectivity being installed in the series and/or by Bluetooth-capable control units.

  • Source partner api

    Any kind of API
    (e.g. BMW CarData)

Data from backends of car manufacturers or other telematics providers can be streamed into the PACE Cloud and integrated into your users' applications.

  • Source app only

    Smartphone used as sensor

If you want to fully rely on an app – without any hardware, PACE is the right partner for you. In this case, we maximize the data output of existing smartphone sensors. This enables you to implement elegant solutions in a simple and cost-effective manner.

PACE Ecosystem

The PACE Ecosystem consists of self-developed technology in the cloud, on mobile devices, and on browsers.

Icon pace kit

The PACEKit is the communication center on the mobile device.

The Mobile SDK PACEKit manages data, synchronizes it with the PACE Cloud, and keeps a cool head regarding the variety of smartphones (with different states of operating systems) and many communication protocols (Bluetooth, OBD, etc.).

Icon pace emergency center

The PACE Emergency Center manages location-based services.

It controls the Automatic Emergency Call (so-called eCall), Breakdown Call (so-called bCall) and many other location-based partner services. The system communicates securely, quickly, and purposefully with connected service providers and enables trigger/event-controlled services based on geo-positions.

Icon cockpit

The PACE Cockpit is the main focus for users online.

The web service PACE Cockpit forms the frontend and backend online. It is always synchronized with the mobile apps & applications of the users. It transmits all user-related, encrypted data and stores it securely.

Icon mobile apps

The mobile apps are the users’ home on their smartphones

They are natively developed for the operating systems iOS and Android to guarantee first-class usability as well as technical flexibility. Mobile Apps from PACE are based on the Mobile SDK PACEKit.

Icon pace cloud

The PACE Cloud is the control center of PACE

The telematics and IoT platform PACE Cloud is based on numerous microservices with interfaces for connecting partners. No matter whether you want to integrate your services into PACE or use the PACE streaming services to extend your services. On this basis, countless Internet of Things applications can be implemented.

Icon dealer dashboard

The PACE Dealer Dashboard is the application for the aftermarket

On the basis of the Dealer Dashboard, garages and car dealers can implement new digital service models and thus strengthen their customer loyalty. In addition to remote diagnosis, a 1:1 communication with customers on vehicle-related topics (service offers, tire changes, reminders for HU/AU appointments, etc.) is possible.

Example: the PACE Retrofit Solution

PACE Cloud + PACE App + PACE Cockpit + PACE Link One

Many features that make driving safer, cheaper and more comfortable.

  • Trouble-Code Analysis
  • Fleet Tracking
  • Electronic Logbook
  • Fuel-Cost Tracking
  • Automatic Emergency Call
  • Traffic Monitor
  • Find the Cheapest Gas Station
  • Performance Monitor
  • Fuel-Saving Trainer
  • Find-My-Car Function
  • Smart Home soon
  • Fuel & Park soon
  • Safety Index soon
  • Navigation soon

What Makes PACE Special

No Matter What Your Requirements Are, We Are The Solution.

Icon one hand

One Single Source

Since PACE develops all technologies itself, our partners are guaranteed a fast and cost-efficient implementation of even new ideas.

Icon future security


As a partner of PACE, you do not choose a technology, but a solution that meets all future requirements.

Icon hardware independent


PACE is an independent and neutral technology partner and offers not only its own solutions but also any kind of third-party-hardware integration.

Icon across manufacturer


PACE supports all brands/manufacturers and provides a freely expandable database and functionalities for this purpose.

Icon customer focus


Everything follows the user! The PACE customer comes first. The development is customer-focused – always with one ear on the road.

Icon use cases

First-Class Use Cases

PACE is constantly developing new value-added services for users, thereby creating the basis for new sales potential for our business partners.

Privacy & Security

Trust Is the Basis for Successful Business Models

Icon data security

Data Protection

Data protection is a central element. PACE therefore supports data protection and security at the highest level by design and is optimally prepared for current and future requirements.

Icon safety

Safety and Security

State-of-the-art encryption and intelligent certification mechanisms guarantee secure communication between the PACE Cloud, user interfaces, partner access and data sources.

Icon datacenter

Data Center

PACE hosts its data on its own servers in highly secure data centers on German soil. For example, personal and transaction data are stored separately.

Working with PACE

Icon b2b2c


Realize Your Business Models with PACE

Whether as a simple B2B2C model or with further value-creation stages and several partners involved – together we will find a good way. PACE is the enabler for your business on the basis of high user orientation and satisfaction.

Icon co branding


The PACE Solution Can Be Fully Co-Branded

From the hardware to the packaging to the user interfaces, our partners can realize their own branding ideas. With the associated promise "powered by PACE", the user can also be sure to benefit from all future developments and updates.

Press release | Karlsruhe 27.11.2017

Smartcar Startup PACE Cooperates with ABT Sportsline

PACE will be a fixed component in the new ABT Sportsline control units. Together with the Kempten tuning professionals, the startup based in Karlsruhe is evolving to the next level: The coming generation of PACE Connected Cars will no longer require an OBD2 connection ... read more

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